Journal, June 18, 1976 PM

Back from the conference, I have Jaime {Olson} & Miguel {Staigers} as house guests tonight. They are both busily reading at 11 PM.

Jaime and I shot the whole evening B.S.’ing with Art & Lila Eisenhower. Jaime talks slowly & uses so many words to describe everything that I sat there fighting the urge to yawn. Doc. {Art} is always worth listening to though. He knows everything that goes on in the agency, and is always pushing something else. He’s a man of great knowledge & experience (in veterinary medicine & life) and tremendous initiative. I hope I have his energy when I have his years!

We had a wrap-up at the conference this morning. All the reports of discussion groups were given - neat and orderly. Jay Hasheider gave his history of Peace Corps El Salvador, we packed up & headed out.

I managed to lose my glasses (the ones I broke yesterday playing football) in Peace Corps Office. For a while I thought they’d been stolen I was so frustrated! Now my best guess is that Dr. Zavaleta put them in his pocket by mistake and took them home. The nurse claims he does such things, & she knows him.

John Jones says the insurance company wants to handle the accident business completely. They want the next hearing appointment sent directly to them. John is wary, afraid they want to settle & leave it on the record that I was at fault. He wants them to get tough & not pay out any money for damages to other vehicles, so I may still get involved in the litigations. I’m with John, they are all too willing to soak the gringos {North Americans} for money, & I don’t need responsibility for an accident on my record!

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