Journal, June 6, 1976 PM

Well, we ran no laps, but really wore ourselves out playing at soccer. Gerardo, the guy who owns the tienda {store} on the corner, is amazingly agile despite his pot belly, and of course is handy with a soccer ball.

I made my beans and got my room adjusted more to my liking. <I wrote to U.W. {University of Wisconsin-Madison} to ask them what became of my application, and I wrote an epistle to Sofia.>

I asked Ed {Shiffer} about the Peace Corps policy on extending for less than a year. He says it's easy enough to do, but you lose the paid trip home, no compromises. So I started rethinking and started liking the idea of extending for an extra year of Peace Corps, but in Costa Rica. <I don't really know Costa Rica that well, and I should take the time to know it and Sofia that much better. For Sofia & I it would be perfection itself.> I'd be visiting very regularly (depending on where I was stationed). We could marry in August and live a couple months together there before making the trip up north. I'd get to know the good spots to pasear {vacation} in Costa Rica before the honeymoon! What could be more nearly ideal, if only I wasn't antsy to start on my new chosen career. They are making new breakthroughs in physics daily. Maybe they'll have the entire “divine plan” laid out before I get a chance to contribute! I'm just restless by nature, but I will check into transfer possibilities while in Costa Rica next time. <I owe it to Sofia (& me) to do my best to give us a happy courtship before we get caught up in the pressure-cooker.> The one big romance of this Walter Mitty’s life is even now unfolding!

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