Journal, August 31, 1976 PM

<The world is treating me right, I got a letter from Sofia today.> She didn’t say anything very surprising, but it was a good letter, full of zest for life & affection for yours truly. What security it means that someone cares especially about me!

The frijolies {beans} got cooked last night, though it took a lot of time. Gerardo {Chavez} told me jokes to keep the time moving along, and kept apologizing for keeping me up. It was well worth it. Gerardo & his family are A-1 folks!

I played basketball after work, although our game was canceled. The other team withdrew from the league! Mike {Shank} & I got into a couple pickup games. The last one was good, full court & we ran a lot. I surprised myself by being in better shape than I expected. We have a new player for our league games. He’s a little guy, but fast, a hustler and a good ball handler, great on the fast break, We’re going to be a fair team!

I got fitted for my suit jacket and vest this evening. Hey, it is going to be snazzy (a favorite word of my Dad)! A custom made suit of clothes, with vest, for $80, and it is good quality material as far as I can tell. <Now if only Jaime {Olson} & Sofia like it.> Russ did! The cloth of the jacket looked good on me today. A trifle conservative, but a kind of cloth you could wear anywhere & not wipe people out!

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