Journal, August 22, 1976 AM (Sunday)

Time is growing short for our little forage and pastures group. Mike Staigers will be gone in less than a month. In two months, Diego {Cox} and Dave {Quarles} should be gone for good. Russ {Soules} will stay on ‘til December like me, and Fred {Tracy} will stay a whole extra year. Jaime {Olson}, of course, will get married November 20th in Costa Rica, and from there may do one of several things. Diego and Jaime are already talking about all the things they are going to do only once more.

<My major accomplishment yesterday was mailing a letter to Sofia.> I read the new New York Times in the Peace Corps Office. Ford & Dole is the Republican ticket. Robert Dole is a “by-the-book” conservative, and a gung-ho party man. Apparently he was chosen for his acceptability to Reagan, as a gesture of party unity. His choice makes the ticket very narrow, two Midwestern GOP old-timers. It’s a shame Ford couldn’t have broadened his political base instead of being forced to toe the conservative line by Reagan. Ford’s sort of another Eisenhower for me. He’s too conservative, like he was wearing blinders and couldn’t see beyond certain traditional policies, but a man of integrity and a basic sense of decency. Carter is still a big ‘?’. If he turns out to be something a little different than the populist, reborn Christian peanut farmer, bent on toting a new broom to Washington, now we can opt to sit pat. (Silent Cal?) Ford at least offers four years of nothing earth-shattering. Reagan vs. Carter would have been much different.

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