Journal, August 24, 1976 PM

Another busy evening at Dean’s boarding house. Jaime {Olson} checked out this morning, and Jay Hasheider checked in tonight. I’m getting to bed about midnight, same as last night when I played sheep’s head with Jaime & Dean Current until this hour. It’s fun having people around, but expensive, and I don’t get my little projects done. I’m forever going out to eat, or to the movies.

I don’t feel tired, but surely I’ll be dragging tomorrow, it being the second day-after of a late night. Today was productive at work. I cranked out my draft of the conclusions for the fishermen’s cooperatives in El Tamarindo & La Unión.

I bought a suit today. Rather I made the down payment and they took the measurements. It isn’t like the one Jaime {Olson}, Diego {Cox} & I looked at. It turns out they didn’t have any more of that material. I picked it out all on my own & am now experiencing post-purchase doubts. It will cost me 145 Colones ($58) all told.

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