Journal, August 16, 1976 PM

I took it easy today, went over to Peace Corps Office after mailing my letters and going to the bank. I had intended to go to A.I.D. and check out their agriculture socioeconomic studies, but Chico {Rodriguez} gave me a study I hadn’t seen, I sat down to read it, & never got over to A.I.D.

I got letters from Jan & Mom. Jan says my “Scientific American” is arriving in Friendship already. I told them to change the address over in October. It must be that they have their address system computerized; you get a card, you change the address, bleep! At least they aren’t lost, but damn it, I got the subscription to keep my brain stimulated down here!

Mom sent me the $500 I had requested, by moneyorder. However, they took the money out of their account instead of mine. I wish they wouldn’t play around like that, but it’s very parently of them. If I can’t jawbone Dad into taking the money out of my account, I’ll have to pay them back in December when I’m home. I’m not going to start a complex correspondence with the bank.

I bought fertilizer for my mini bean trial today, but am going to use the campesino {peasant farmer} system of not fertilizing them ‘til they come up. That way if they don’t make it I don’t lose the fertilizer.

I read 2 sections of Chapter 3 in Thomas (my calculus book). That’s what I have to do, just a couple sections a day until I get to Chapter 7, and can review those problems I already worked out.

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