Journal, August 30, 1976 PM

A nice peaceful day. I just did a little reading at work about living conditions in Costa Rica, outside the meseta central {central valley} & about development planning.

Costa Rica isn’t quite paradise. The government largely neglects the population outside the meseta central, according to the author. I believe it. The working class in the country’s center is really a privileged class compared to the campesinos {peasant farmers} of the outlying, largely undeveloped, regions.

I left work early to see the doctor at Peace Corps Office. Tonight I’m finally putting it to mu amoebas with 4 big yellow pills, which I took after supper. I repeat the procedure tomorrow evening.

Right now I have the woman from the tienda’s {store} beans cooking on my stove. She ran out of gas for her stove & had the beans already soaking. They’d have spoiled, so I came to the rescue. Now I have to stay up ‘til they’re done. Think I’ll go over to the tienda & kill time until they’re ready.

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