Journal, August 19, 1976 PM

Jay {Hasheider} showed up last night about 11 PM – I was sound asleep. We B.S.’ed a while, and in the morning we put together a super breakfast. Jay made eggs with tomatoes & onions, and we had creamed beans, coffee, grapefruit juice and “pan dulce” {sweet bread}. So I got a late start going to work, and said ‘fuck it’ and went to try to change some money to dollars at the Reserve Bank. I want to get that $500 the folks sent changed to dollars or Costarican Colones because it appears there’s a run on the banks here. The transformación agraria {agricultural land reform} is causing some panic among people with money. They are buying dollars at as much as 2.80 Colones a bank teller told me yesterday. I got $80 but wasted most of the morning.

My counterpart, Oscar, balled me out for being late, mildly. But he told me to leave a note next time.

Tonight, I went to a concert. Barbara Kelly, a PCV {Peace Corps volunteer}, was the soloist on cello. Tomorrow, we leave at 6 AM for Metapan and Monte Cristo.

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