Journal, August 23, 1976 PM

Ed {Shiffer} is coming back. He sent me a letter - got here today - saying he will be back September 31, but he has to mean August 31, because there are only 30 days in September, and he says he begins work in Bogotá, Colombia on October 1. Good for Ed, he finally got a job that pays!

Jaime’s {Olson} still here, but went somewhere with a friend tonight. Any time now he’ll be back, he said 7:30 and it’s pushin’ 10 o’clock. I’ll bet he had a few beers!

<I bought Sofia a gift today, a gold-leaf butterfly pin. I’ll send it down with Jaime, with instructions to Pilar to wrap it and give it to Sofia on her birthday.> I spent 89 Colones for it, but it was the only thing in the jewelry store I went to that I really liked. I had thought about getting her something other than jewelry for once, since in general I don’t give a damn about such trinkets, but the very extravagance of jewelry makes it a more intimate gift than say a leather handbag or a peasant blouse. All part of my socialization, I know.

<I plumb forgot to get birthday cards for Bruce & Tom, and I was right there in the “papelera” {card & novelty store} getting one for Sofia.> It’s selective forgetting. They do seem far removed. I’m sure they’ve changed a lot, become very independent, etc. And they don’t write me.

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