Images, October 1974

{ A photo of our swearing in ceremony at the Ministry of Agriculture and Cattle Farming, from the October 19, 1976 edition of "El Diario de Hoy". The Agriculture Minister, Mauricio Eladio Castillo, swore us in. }

The "old" Peace Corps Office, near Parque Infantil {Children's Park} in the capital. { The Peace Corps Office, when I began my service, was located in this Spanish style building in an older part of San Salvador. }

A park in San Salvador where I often ate lunch {during my first month or so in El Salvador.} { Parque Infantil or Children's Park, near the "old" Peace Corps Office. }

The building {behind the trees} is the headquarters of ANTEL, the national telephone company The soccer field is in Parque Infantil. { The ANTEL office in rural towns was usually the only place to make or receive a phone call in the 1970s. }

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