Letter, January 10, 1975

Dear Mom & all,

The pictures, in the order in which I took them are:

1st -  The San Salvador Volcano from a street in the city of San
Salvador we call “Gringo Strip” because it attempts to
look like a swank U.S. nightclub area.
2nd -  The San Salvador Volcano from where I started my climb.
3rd - 
The “inner core” inside the huge crater of the volcano;
it took me 2 ½ hours to walk around the outside of the
outer cone or El Boquerón (literally the big mouth).
4th - 
Part of the outer crater’s inside wall, it was all I
could get from that close.
5th - 
The city of Santa Tecla, a suburb of San Salvador,
from the volcano rim.
6th -  San Salvador and the lake Lagoon Ilopango, also from
the volcano rim.
7th -  Some of the stands set up for the Fiesta Patronal in
my town, Atiocoyo. The fiesta lasted from the 5th to the
8th of December.
8th -  The office of DGRD {Dirrección General de Riego y Drenaje
or the government irrigation agency} in Atiocoyo. I more or
less work out of this office, & I live two doors down from
it to the left in the picture.
9th -  A hand operated merry-go-round that was set up in Atiocoyo
for the fiesta.
10th -  The inside of my room at Atiocoyo.
11th -  Peace Corps Office in San Salvador.
12th -  The central office of Antel, the Salvadoran national
telephone company.

They’re sort of a hodge podge, but perhaps will give you some idea of the different facets of the environment I’m living in. There’s quite a contrast between fancy modern buildings like Antel {headquarters} and the straw and adobe huts of most of the people around Atiocoyo. Anyway I hope you enjoy them!

As always,


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