Flyer, February, 1975

{ Translation of this flyer, given to me shortly after I first arrived in San Isidro }


Age 20 years 11 months

He was born December 25, 1944 near
Hutchinson (sic), Kansas, United
States. He drowned in the Pacific ocean
near Acajutla in the hacienda "Metalio"
on November 25, 1965.

Surviving are his parents Enos and Mary
Miller, a sister and four brothers.
In his youth he accepted Christ as
his personal Savior and was baptized
at the "Center Amish Mennonite Church"
in Hutchinson, Kansas.

He came to El Salvador on May 4, 1965.
He studied Spanish for six weeks in Sitio
Del NiƱo. In June of 1965 he began his
work of teaching carpentry as
a voluntary service in the hacienda
"San Juan - San Isidro."

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