Letter, November 13, 1974

Dear Mom,

I got the books in fine shape, thanks a lot for sending them down. Was glad to hear about the election results as I haven’t been able to find a word about any of them in the papers down here. I was really surprised to hear that Mrs. Klein got beaten, she’s had the job an awful long time hasn’t she? Maybe you’ll get lucky & find someone to beat you out some day! Fat chance. Glad to hear Dad has the corn & third crop of hay in. The work sure seems to get done faster & easier when I’m not helping do it!

Sorry to hear that you have to have an operation for your foot, but it will be worth it if you can finally get back to walking properly on it. Buena suerte {Good luck}!

Thanks for the offer of Christmas presents, but I think sending anything but books & tiny packages in the mail would be more hassle than its worth. Everyone in Peace Corps here tells me to tell the folks back home to not send packages down because of the high tax on them & the chance they’ll end up in the home of some mail official! (So you all’ve been told folks.) As I wrote Jan, I would really like to get a subscription to Time, Newsweek or U.S. News, but if I wait a while I’ll probably be able to get a better deal on it than you can, because I’m a PCV. I understand I can get Reader’s Digest absolutely free, but even at that price I think I’ll pass! When I get some money ahead, I think I’ll try and send home some of the beautifully embroidered shirts & stuff they have here. Don’t hold your breath though, I need to sharpen my bargaining skills first!

After the 28th I won’t be writing so often as I’m moving out to Atiocoyo to live and will only be able to pick up & send mail when I come into town. I’m looking forward to getting out of the city. There is a lot of pollution and much ruido (a lot of noise). I don’t think they believe in mufflers here! I’m sure the carretas de bueyes (ox carts) won’t make as much noise & there are very few cars and trucks in Atiocoyo. Also, now I am spending about 3½ hours a day going to and from Atiocoyo, which gets pretty ridiculous. You guys wouldn’t believe the campo here. The cattle look like the longhorns in old westerns & there are lots of guys riding horses & wearing cowboy hats. Very few carry guns though. Usually they have machetes about a yard long. Got to get some film so I can send a few pictures.



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