Images, December, 1974

{ A view out the window of a train car, near San Salvador. I traveled by train from my first 2 sites, Atiocoyo and San Isidro, to the capital, because both were on the San Salvador to Santa Ana rail line. }

Shanty town along the train line going toward Santa Ana.

Shanty town along the railroad tracks. It is all too common to see poor quality housing in gulleys or on steep hillsides all around the capital city.

The red railroad sign says: Look! Listen! The white sign on the plywood wall says: FOR SALE

A beautiful church on the town square {of Santa Ana}. I was told that this church was designed by an Italian who traveled with Columbus, and that it closely resembles a church in Florence {Italy}.

A picture looking at Izalco Volcano from on top of the adjacent hill Cerro Verde. There is a luxury hotel on top of Cerro Verde, built when Izalco was still active & attracted tourists in droves. It has been dormant since 1967.

The frame of a shack on the barren slope of Izalco.

A picture of the San Salvador Volcano in the distance, taken from the slope of Izalco.

Inside the crater of Izalco. It still releases sulfurous gas from cracks in the lava.

A shot of Cerro Verde & its hotel from the rim of the Izalco Volcano.

The huge crater of the Santa Ana Volcano. This picture was also taken from the rim of Izalco. Santa Ana is El Salvador's tallest volcano, and folks say once every 15 years or so they get some frost on top of it.

Ruins at Tazumal, the best known Mayan site in El Salvador. According to a sign in the nearby museum, there was a more impressive round temple near this one, but it was bulldozed out to build houses.

Kids on the ruins at Tazumal.

Houses in Chalchuapa, the town where Tazumal is located. In the background is another of the 20 or so volcanos in El Salvador.

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