Letter, August 3, 1974

{ Written on stationary from the Delta Towers Hotel, New Orleans, Louisiana. }

Dear Mom,

We fly out tomorrow to San Jose, Costa Rica. Have been having a good time at training. Today I went down to the river and saw some old-time river boats as well as some huge modern ones. Better hang on to that old doll of yours! I went to a Louisiana State Museum today and saw two dolls with heads the exact same size, shape and hair color! There were also several other dolls that were similar. The display said they were made in the 1850’s or 1860’s.

They gave us an emergency phone number for you to call in case of (obviously) an emergency. They will be better to use than the Costarican numbers I gave you:

M-thru-F (9-4:30) call: 800-424-8580 extension 85, 86 or 87 (take your pick)
All other times call: P.C. duty officer (202) 393-3111 Govt. operator, (202) 638-2574 Answering service

Please don’t call unless it’s super urgent, since they get a lot of “worried relatives” calls. Remember that the mail from Central America takes a week or more to get there. I’ll try to write every couple weeks, but training is very hectic so I don’t know.

We are having a champagne breakfast before we leave tomorrow morning! We’ll be in San Jose in time for supper.

Hope you are getting some rain up there; it has been cloudy all day today & rained some here.

Adios for now,


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