Letter, August 25, 1974

Dear Bruce & Tom,

Felices días de natal {“Happy birthdays”, but not the common way it is expressed in Spanish}! Sorry about not sending birthday cards, but if they do share that custom here I haven’t found where they sell the cards yet! If you get this letter in the customary 4-5 days it should arrive right between your birthdays and during the fair. Lots of luck with your cattle, and wish mom and Carla luck with any clothing and stuff they might have entered.

I would guess Jan should be registering for school this week. Is she going to live with Joyce again this year? If not please give me her address or have her write me & give it to me.

Has anyone written from up there yet? I think I’m the only one who hasn’t received a letter yet at Basico. Perhaps the address I left with y’all isn’t specific enough. I have two more which are more specific that you may try if you like:

Apartado 30Seminario Franciscano
San Antonio de Belén        San Antonio de Belén
Heredia, Costa RicaHeredia, Costa Rica
Centro AméricaCentro América

Three of the volunteers in my program have been pretty sick this week and have been taking antibiotics. Two of them appear to be feeling better, but one guy is still pretty sick and it’s really getting him down mentally. If he doesn’t feel better soon he’ll probably go home. I’m feeling just great, however! Having temperatures between 75° & 85° daily (and all year around here) really agrees with me. They always give me a lot to eat and lately I’ve been cleaning it all up. With playing volleyball at lunchtime and walking the 1¾ to 2 miles from home to Basico twice a day, I get enough exercise to work off the food.

Fortunately, I like rice and beans, and the wide variety of fruits and vegetables they have here pretty well, unlike some of the guys.

Bruce, are you going to work ½ days during school this year? Are you out for football or volleyball or highball? What about you, Tom? Don’t knock yourselves out trying to be highschool heros, look where it got me (nowhere).

Just got back {Here there is an arrow in the original letter, pointing to the start of the previous paragraph.} from playing basketball with some ticos (Costaricans) about you guys’ age. They don’t have much skill (they are much more at home kicking the ball), but they make up for it with hustle. They can stand the heat better than I can!

Well, happy birthdays again and lots of luck this school year.


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