Images, September 1974

Orotina, Costa Rica { On our trip to Jacó beach, we took a train to Orotina, and then caught a bus to the beach. }

Brahman cattle in lush pasture near Orotina during the rainy season.

The beach at Jacó, at low tide.

Butchering a pig at a rooming house on the beach.

A rainy evening on the beach.

The gang heads out from the beach. I'm the straggler. { When the bus did not come as scheduled we decided to walk out to the nearest town. }

I'm standing in front of a rice field on the road from Jacó. There are sheep on the hills in the background. We had to walk out from Jacó when heavy rains washed out the road in the mountains.

A tired group, we arrived at a house from which a bus left, after coming over the mountains & past the place where the road was out.

Mountain stream on the train trip between Turrialba and Limón.

{ Another mountain stream as seen from the train. }

A tree house in the coastal rain forest on the train line from Turrialba to Limón.

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