Journal, January 9, 1976 PM

Just finished writing the folks & I finally had to tape the envelope shut after trying 3 & no stickem! Jay made it back to Metalio today - brought his bike on the bus from Sonsonate. He really had a great trip. That ballooning project in Peru was apparently a really big deal even though I never read about it in the papers here. They set it off in the middle of the desert near the famous "lines" and flew it 3 minutes. He says there is a 77 year-old German archeologist who has spent 25 years there studying the amazing "lines" and other huge forms and trying to get the surrounding villages to protect them from careless tourists. She went ape shit over the ballooning expedition which brought government recognition of the value of this archeological wonderland and with it protection of the forms - for the sake of future tourists & archeologists.

Jay came back with all kinds of offers of possible work in future ballooning expeditions. The most concrete being the Central American ballooning meet to be held in Guatemala the last weekend in February. He figures to quit Peace Corps in March to go back to the U.S. and earn money for a ballooning venture in Guatemala in September. He’s just bubbling with plans & enthusiasm, but all for ballooning & none for El Maizal or Peace Corps.

He agrees with me that it’s foolish for El Maizal to get cows, but I don’t know if that’s good or bad because he doesn’t really want to do anything at El Maizal but hang around (and only mornings) anyway! Whit Lawrence says he’ll be ready to sign the contract with the CREDHO bosses for the picadora (silage chopper), scale & other stuff next week, so we got to make up our minds if we keep the illusion floating or throw in the monkey wrench fairly soon.

I filled out lots of rabbit cards today and did nothing else of even passing interest - save taking a picture of Alfredo & the goats (new babies & all), which I sent home to the folks for developing along with my Costarican photos!

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