Journal, January 11, 1976 PM

I got my exercise for the week this morning by taking the bike down to the Barra de Santiago. It was about 14 kilometers each way. The backwaters which you go through in the launch to get to the beach were pretty - lots of trees - but the beach was full of palm leaf covered huts & cheap dirty tiendas & comedors {stores & restaurants}. There was lots of garbage lying around and already quite a few people on Sunday morning. Obviously it’s a popular beach for the working class Salvadoran - a great place not to be for Semana Santa {Easter week}.

I came back to the rancho {beach house} and lied around all afternoon - read some more of "Cien AƱos de Soledad" {A Hundred Years of Solitude} - it’s entertaining and great for my Spanish vocabulary & comprehension, but I am ready to finish it and go on to something else.

Jay and I did some B.S.’ing. He thinks he could make it through M.I.T. and then be assured of a $25,000 starting salary. A great idea if a lot of other sharp young capitalists with more solid college records than Jay’s didn’t have the same idea. Jay thinks Americans should learn to accept a high unemployment rate as a natural consequence of our economic system and not look down on the unemployed guy, but give him the money to live on and let him work on crafts or study or whatever interests him. It may happen, but it’s not a life I could take or even accept so easily for the other guy while I was workin’.

Jay told me today that Cat was livin’ with another guy when he went back to the states. He told me before he left he was thinking of asking her to come down and live with him - even get married. It’s the second girl (that is that he’s mentioned) who he fell for too late, only after she was gone and he realized how much he missed her. Jay just can’t make up his mind in time. I worry ‘cause I’m a hem’er & a haw’er too. <If Sofia’s as good for me as it seems, better to jump right into it and not let her slip away while I’m thinkin’ it over!> Things may be tough at the start, but what the hell, they seldom turn out as bad as I can imagine them!

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