Journal, January 15, 1976 PM

Jay really got going, telling stories about his past after we sent up the balloon last night. The balloon went up just beautiful, very high and you could follow it because of the kerosene-soaked cloth which kept burning (keeping the balloon up of course). It was the first hot air balloon I ever saw go up - I have to try it some time! Anyway, he was telling about all the crazy shit he and his buddies did up in Moscow, Idaho. The most unreal was his sending some speed in an envelope with a letter for the Idaho state motor vehicle department! He had been in an accident & had to send in a statement, so his girlfriend mailed it in an envelope in which he had been storing some speed and still had 2 or 3 tablets! He left for Peace Corps about then so doesn’t know if he’s wanted in Idaho or not. His stories kept Barry and I in stitches ‘till about midnight. As he says, he was lucky to get out of that situation when he did ‘cause he was pretty close to becoming a really bad character. He could have stumbled into serious trouble.

Well, today Barry left, and Jay went to Sonsonate to see him off, and I went to El Maizal. We shot up the young rabbits today. 4 have already died, some kind of virus I think. Profy {Gomez} finally paid me for the plastic for the silo we made last fall. ¢45 extra makes it look like I’ll for sure be heading to Costa Rica in February. I just can’t wait! {some text not transcribed}

Jay got back late, bringing watermelon & muskmelon seeds to plant here at the rancho {beach house}. He’s hitting the sack early & I think that’s a fair idea.

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