Journal, January 12, 1976 PM

It was fucking cold last night, never would have believed you could have so much temperature change in one day back in Wisconsin. Or maybe we don’t notice it because of the heating and wearing heavy clothes.

We only worked the morning at El Maizal today - taking care of the rabbits and starting to build hutches on the backs of two more cages for the expectant mothers we have. So this afternoon I got my application for U.W. {University of Wisconsin- Madison} filled out and set to mail, and this evening I ripped off 3 letters - two more and I’m through the holiday rush! As Jay commented tonight, that postman in MetalĂ­o has got to be starting to wonder about all the letters we send to the U.S. I’ve sent 2 or 3 a day every day since I got back here! Maybe he figures we’re reporting boat traffic in and out of Acajutla for an unfriendly power (like Honduras)!

All those letters burned me out for today, so ...

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