Journal, January 17, 1976 AM

I came in to the capital yesterday, to take my feces sample (after 3 weeks of pills for amoebas) and run some errands. <Jan, Donna and the folks sent me letters, but nothing from Sofia yet.> Jan says she is coming down in February with La Verne Holmes and his wife, if all works out. I’ll have to write her all I’ve heard about the trip, what to watch out for, etc. Donna has a boyfriend! I haven’t gotten fully used to the idea, since she never had one in highschool or anything, but I think it’s good. God how she’s matured mentally since I’ve been gone!

Mom sent pictures from Christmas, and some of mine I asked for copies of (and one I didn’t!) I love to get pictures! They really give you a feel of the life somewhere where you aren’t! Mom also said my package got there at last (on my birthday if you can believe it!) and everything arrived in good shape. She asked me some questions about stuff in it. It took nearly 2 months to get there!

I changed over ¢200 to bucks, so now I have nearly $200 stashed for going to Costa Rica in February. I’ll go with Jaime if Jan don’t make it, and try to talk her & La Verne into going if she comes. Workin’ it all out will be hectic, but there’s some real potential for a great trip!

I spent the night at Steve Pamperin’s apartment in Santa Tecla (and am writing in the tijera {cot} in his room this morning). He just returned from spending Christmas in Wisconsin and brought back cheese, banana bread (with chocolate chips) and homemade caramels! I sampled all 3 of course! He also brought me a Timex watch, which is really decent! As I told him, it’ll take some time to get used to having a watch that works again!

Steve actually went snowmobiling just like he said he would! He said he got used to the cold quickly, and gained 12 pounds on the good food. He really got around, saw a Packer game, visited friends, etc., really enjoyed every minute.

Now it’s back to work, I told Steve about my doubts and reservations over the cattle project at El Maizal. He didn’t say a word, but I don’t think he fully understands the situation, or agrees with my analysis. I told him about my plan to study physics too. It confounded him at first, but he kind of understood, and even admitted he’d have liked to have had some physics at the university. It’s getting ever easier to expose my once deep, dark secret. Most folks close to me know now and no big deal.

Ed Shiffer came over & I gave him a picture from El Maizal that my folks sent by mistake. It’s of Jay Mathes and some friends of Ed’s standing by the little haystack we made there. I’ll send the other copy to Jay. Ed gave me some El Maizal pictures to give to folks there too. He hopes he can make it out there again soon. He really enjoyed that jaunt in August; planting maicillo {sorghum}, plowing with oxen, making hay and digging on the silo. He loved the chance to leave his office and do some physical labor.

{some text not transcribed}

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