Journal, January 14, 1976 PM

Barry’s still here, but things are quieter right now than last night. Jay’s getting a little paper hot air balloon ready to send off tonight. I’ve never seen him launch one before, so I’m looking forward to it.

It was a slow day today, we did less even than yesterday at El Maizal - still playing with the rabbits. We spent the afternoon on the beach. Jay and I went out neck-high and he caught a couple decent rides on waves. I just got beat around a bit!

Jay and Barry really get off on cutting down Peace Corps staff, and hearing them planning ways to pimp out John, Dave and Chico is a riot. Jay’s talking about living in Guatemala and collecting his salary from Peace Corps El Salvador, and he’s 80% serious.

I read the rest of the pamphlet put out by the U.W. {University of Wisconsin- Madison} Physics Department on the graduate program. The work being done in elementary particle theory seems to be their #1 priority and exciting. It might be the best field to look for a lab job in to start out, see if I like it. I lean toward astrophysics, and mathematical and theoretical physics as a preferred specialization, but I need to get deeper into the field & get a taste of what folks do in each specialty, to decide.

The full weight of what getting married would mean hit me in the hammock reading this afternoon. <Sofia probably wouldn’t be able to study in the States unless & until she mastered the language and started naturalization procedures.> If she keeps her Costarican citizenship, it could be real expensive (and I’d never try to force her to give it up!). Also, she won’t be in any position to work, so I’ll have to take a near full-time job and try to study on the side. I could do it, and if she keeps on being so “cariñosa” {affectionate} I’d love to have her with me, but the idea of postponing the marriage and going whole-hog into studying physics for a spring and summer, still appeals to me. It’d give me a chance to find out if its really what I want, and give her a chance to get through 2 years of college there. Then if she really doesn’t want to attempt college in the U.S. she’s still got 2 years - a good general background. I expect to put it all to her on my next trip, and see what she thinks. As Louie Michelson used to say, "What difference will it make 100 years from now?"

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