Journal, January 18, 1976 AM

Steve {Pamperin} gave me some Wisconsin cheese and some homemade caramels to take to the folks at El Maizal. They all liked the caramels, but Don Tin and Profy {Gomez}, who tried the cheese, weren’t overly enthusiastic. Profy wanted to know why it wasn’t white, and (not knowing) I turned the question around and asked him why cheese here was white when I had been used to yellow cheese back home.

I read the entire N.Y. Times Weekly Review yesterday, mostly on the bus from the capital to MetalĂ­o and later at the rancho {beach house}. Jay and I spent the afternoon reading at the rancho - he’s really getting into "Fear and Loathing: On the Campaign Trail ‘72" {by Hunter S. Thompson}.

About five Profy showed up looking for the doctor (owner of the rancho) and we talked a while about the marketing work they’re doing at El Maizal; he’s wheeling & dealing as always. He got in the pickup and I went upstairs to see if Jay wanted to go eat, and here comes 2 carloads of women and kids to take over the house for the night (the doctor’s daughter & friends).

Jay decided he was off for Sonsonate and I decided to sleep at El Maizal, so we packed up and mounted our bikes. Later we met Profy at Don Tin’s and agreed to help him take water to the folks at the rancho. We listened to Jay’s banjo pickin’ while the pilas {sinks} were fillin’ up. Only Profy & I enjoyed it, seemingly. Profy took Jay to Sonsonate, and here I am, writing in my tijera {cot} at El Maizal.

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