Journal, January 11, 1976 AM

How time does go by, it’s been a week now since I left Costa Rica. {some text not transcribed}

I got in a little dancing yesterday. There was an afternoon (Saturday) dance at El Maizal and Elena showed up, so I did some dancing with her. I told her I had a "novia" {girlfriend} in Costa Rica now and she just smiled - I don’t know if she took it as serious or no. I’m so honest with women I don’t even believe it! Yet, it’s a whole lot simpler and avoids all kinds of hassles - I just can’t take being hassled.

I told Professor Castillo how I thought the cattle project could be a big mistake for El Maizal and he agreed completely (and so readily it surprised me). That’s good for moral support, but to get it called off I’ll have to convince Fredy Saguerro, Profy Gomez and maybe Padre {Father} Serrano that 20 cows would not be in their best interest even if they are free. You can’t play this game of, "wait and see what we’ll do with them", with 20 head of cattle!

<I wrote to the University of Wisconsin (U.W.) and to the U.S. Embassy to ask questions concerning Sofia & her possible future status last night.> I also found a U.W. application blank which I think I can use to apply for next year. Figure I’ll apply in the fall for all year & then just go spring semester when I get back.

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