Journal, March 8, 1976 PM

We’re back at Kikilita, and Jay’s just arrived. He’s telling Jan all about a gory movie dramatizing the true story of some plane-crash victims in the Andes, who survived by eating their dead compatriots.

It took most of the morning to get back here - a lively turtle could beat these buses! We went to El Maizal in the afternoon, and Profy {Gomez} was there. He was all charm & wit for Jan & I - didn’t say a word about his quitting & neither did I. He’s busy orienting his replacement. We checked out the rabbit situation. Antonio & his brother did pretty well keeping the records up in my absense - only one card got lost!

Jan doesn’t see how I can take it day after day at El Maizal with so little to do and such incompetent people to work with. I’ve become “acculturated” I explained. <Not satisfied with that she kept prodding and I had to admit that if I weren’t involved with Sofia I would be gone by now most likely.> Really, I don’t know if that’s accurate. Sometimes I think I’m just obeying the laws of motion like any other hunk of matter - a body at rest ... And now back to “Slaughter House Five” the third in my big 3 by Kurt Vonnegut.

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