Journal, March 15, 1976 PM (the Ides of March and a full moon too!)

On this fateful night the reader will find our heroes (Jan & Dean) still in Guatemala City. We got fucked over by the guy who sold us our plane tickets. He neglected to tell us that the plane we wanted left from the “old” airport and not from the “new” one in which we bought the tickets. So we waited 1½ hours at the wrong place, just to be told 10 minutes before our plane was to take off that: 1) there was another airport, 2) our plane left from there, and 3) we’d better catch a taxi & hurry if we wanted to make it! I was so mad I almost lost control. Maybe it would have been more fruitful for us if I had.

We are leaving on tomorrow’s plane, even though there was another plane to Flores at 11, since no one at the airport thought to tell us that! We found out at the AVIATECA downtown office, at 10:15. We sent a letter to the management letting them know of our displeasure, but we have no other recourse against them, how frustrating! We had to take a taxi to get to the airport so early, which cut deep into our day’s budget of $10. Well, it is the Ides of March!

We recouped some later though with a great buy on grapefruits (6 huge ones for 25 cents), and a fantastic omlet at a vegetarian place we tried for supper. By day’s end we agreed that living poor for a while really helps us appreciate the really good foods and the free things around us, which we usually ignore in our consuming frenzy.

We saw the full moon rise "gratis {for free}", and were treated to a real show by some umpteen thousand swallows diving for insects & chirping away.

We sent out some postcards, too. <My two went to Sofia and the folks. I was thinking as we strolled back to the hotel tonight, all I need to complete my peace of mind right now is the easy loving Sofia gives me.> Just touching & hugging - caring, inner-warmth. Aaaaaaahhh!

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