Journal, March 14, 1976 PM

Well, at least I haven’t eaten any chocolate during lent yet!

We went up to Chichicastenango today, and saw some real earthquake damage. The provincial capital of Chimeltenango was nothing but ruins - incredibly wrecked, just heaps of adobe bricks everywhere. The few good wooden or cement buildings around held up fairly well, but almost the whole town was adobe dwellings. I used to admire adobe construction for its simplicity, cheapness, & the way adobe houses stay cool inside even in blistering heat. I still admire these characteristics. But in an earthquake those adobe walls & that tile roof constitute a deathtrap! Give me a wooden shack with an asbestos roof, if I ever settle in Guatemala. And the tremors continue, though I’ve yet to feel one since we arrived.

We also saw refugee camps & the road crew Mexico sent down to help out. Jan bought some cloth & a shirt in Chichicastenango. We’re having trouble keeping to our budget. Jan never learned to live within her means, whatever it was, & our means is doodley-squat!

Jan’s eating almost as much as I am, & tires out much faster than I do. It’s the vicious cycle of being overweight. You don’t exercise more because you tire rapidly, & you tire rapidly because you’re overweight, & don’t get enough exercise. It’s really a shame she hasn’t found the selfdiscipline to break the cycle yet. As she says, I’m going to lose weight on this trip because she’s on a diet!

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