Journal, March 6, 1976 AM (Saturday)

We made it back to Metalio yesterday, & after a good night’s sleep in my hammock I felt so good I did limbering up exercises this morning.

We got Jan a Guatemalan visa yesterday, and the guy told us you can get from Tikal to Belize by local buses, so it all looks pretty encouraging. We figure to leave Saturday or Sunday (14th or 15th) after a restful week here. Jan didn’t get a Gamma Globulin shot because they gave us the runaround, and we didn’t want to wait around all afternoon in town.

Sister Mary wrote me a long letter warning me about all the pitfalls of marrying a foreigner, but saying she’ll support me if I do. A very older sister letter - don’t think she realizes I’m 24 and will do what I want regardless. I’m still little Buster to her! But she’s concerned about me.

Walking over here from Don Tin’s last night, Jan started talking about having kids (She said Joan Baez’s book made her want to have kids again.), and she came around to speculating about her child. He’s 8½ years old now - that fact staggered me! She still feels giving him up for adoption was her best choice, but wants to find out where he’s at and what kind of family he ended up in. She talked of going to a legal aid service to see if she could trace him. I asked her what she’d do if she found him, & she didn’t know, but I had to agree I’d want to find him if he were mine - just to know.

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