Journal, March 11, 1976 AM

We tattooed more rabbits yesterday, and spent the afternoon lounging around Kikilita & on the beach. Tough life! Jan is sick of spending even the mornings at El Maizal already, so we plan to take the bikes & go to Acajutla today. She’d never make it in Peace Corps - no patience.

I got all my mail answered last night - cranked out 4 letters. So now I’m left with no excuse not to do some physics tonight. It’s high time I got back at it. Discipline, discipline!

<I mailed letter #2 to Sofia yesterday morning, and will write another tonight if I can.> Just so she stays satisfied and doesn’t forget me between trips. I’ve already let her get much too close, it would hurt to let go. It’s a pain in the butt just to be thinking about her and not be able to be with her ... So, that’s life.

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