Journal, January 6, 1976 AM

Didn’t get around to writing until after breakfast today – boy am I slipping fast now that vacation is over! We had a real bummer of a bus ride from Managua to here. Left there at shortly after 6 AM and didn’t get to San Salvador (about 550 kilometers of good road) until almost 2 AM this mourning. We spent 7 hours at a restaurant in Honduras while they played with the bus’s motor. <I started a letter to Sofia, drank too much vodka & beer with Jaime and Roy (the Englishman), and had just started eating a very hot order of chop suey when they decided the bus was at last ready to go!> I gulped down the food (burning the shit out of my mouth), paid and ran. So of course they short changed me one Lempira (50¢ American) for being in too much of a hurry to count my change. That’s all right though because I’ll be passing through there again & since they are now on my black list, I won’t feel bad about swiping glasses or silverware if I get a chance! De facto justice you might call it.

<No grandiose schemes for making my fortune (so I can study & live happily ever after with Sofia at the same time) have emerged from all my thinking about the subject!> I have a lot of inquiries to make to find out as much as possible about the situation in which we will find ourselves after marriage. (As you may have noticed, I have begun to take a very positive attitude toward marrying this chic. Essentially, I’ve made up my mind not to be the first to show doubts or back out this time. I believe she has the makings of a good lifelong companion & am ready for the security of having one person to count on & keeping other women at a safe distance. Never having been a ladies man, it shouldn’t be too tough!) All in all it should keep the old "maquinita del cerebro" {machine of a brain} working overtime, which keeps me from being moody & melancholy (or "mejor dicho" {better said} : from being as moody and melancholy!).

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