Journal, December 30, 1975 AM

<We {Sofia and I} went down to Ojo de Aqua {a swimming resort} yesterday all by ourselves.> {some text not transcribed}

In the afternoon I took the neighborhood girls to Basico to see Rita’s “charla” {talk}, but we showed up late and missed it. They didn’t seem to mind being we saw two others, & took some oranges. <I told them officially that Sofia was my novia {girlfriend}, & was surprised by the extent of their reaction.> Shit, they must have been 99% sure of it before! Apparently there is a status which isn’t achieved until you officially say – da-dah! - this woman is my novia. {some text not transcribed}

There isn’t going to be a dance in the Salon Paquari {a large dance hall} in town the 31st, bummer! <So now I don’t know what Sofia will want to do.> Amazing she or Pilar didn’t hear that before Jaime and I!

We saw Guillermo, the cyclist who came down from San Salvador, in El Jardín de Cerveza {a tavern-like bar whose name translates to Beer Garden} last night (Jaime, Felipe & I). Looks like he’ll get a job teaching English here in San Jose, & try to save money to tour South America on his bike. He’s a fascinating person, intelligent, yet full of the devil, lookin’ for fun, and with an insatiable wandering itch!

We are 3 Gringos in the house today (Dennis came in yesterday for a wedding & New Year’s.), and it’s really too much, but Doña Carmen loves it, and everyone knows she’s in charge!

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