Journal, December 31, 1975 AM

I didn’t put any weight on yesterday! Spent all day running around getting something set up for New Year’s Eve. Jaime and I went up to visit Ed Stoll, and he suggested the idea of having a party at his place. It is perfect for a party with a little swimming pool, a little dance hall behind the house with bar & bathroom and lots of space! <So then we talked it over with Pilar and Sofia and other folks, and they agreed to work on “bocas” {snacks}.> So we went to see Skip about booze, & he put ¢50 in the kitty & promised to drop by – Tom may too. We trucked clear back up to Ed’s to let him know plans were confirmed, & booze & mix bought, but he wasn’t home. We cleaned things up a bit, & went home to eat. Jaime called Ed after supper, and things are all set, we think. We’ll head up to Ed’s this morning to get things cleaned up. <My Costarican family says they’ll come too, so it could be Doña Carmen’s first head-to-head encounter with Sofia. She claims she likes Sofia’s sisters O.K., but has never gotten to know Sofia, and seems to blame Sofia a little for it.> Besides, she considers herself my surrogate mother, and thus feels compelled to protect my interests!

{some text not transcribed}

Something heavy may be unfolding at Basico. There is a rumor that the girlfriend of Kevin, a trainee, got raped by a Spanish professor! Skip is hush-hush about it, but said last night (when Jaime & I had a beer with him) that he had it all, almost, straightened out. I’ve got to get out of San Antonio, I’m turning into yet another small town gossip!

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