Journal, January 2, 1976 AM

Fabio & Dennis hit the cantina {bar} right after breakfast in an attempt to cure their hangovers – a very popular method here! I saw them coming back about 1 PM when I was sitting on the porch at the Campos Gonzalez house talking to Jaime. Glad I didn’t go along! I spent the morning reading "Cien Años de Soledad" {One Hundred Years of Solitude}, and talking with Doña Carmen. She asked me again if I enjoyed the holidays here (She is so worried about doing right by her adopted Gringo {North American} children!), and I told her truthfully it was one of the best Christmases I ever had. The neighborhood girls are really nice to me since I’ve told them I have a novia {girlfriend}. I guess they figure that now I’m out of circulation so they can treat me like a cousin!

Went over to Jaime’s after lunch, and we did some B.S.’ing about nothing special. <Sofia showed up later & we played "Tonto" which is like Old Maid. I went with Sofia to get a couple pills for her sister, and we rapped some.> She says her father wants her to marry a nice local boy, and stay close to home, and that he doesn’t like her hangin’ around with Gringos especially, so we have to take it slow & easy with him. I told her my folks would have the same kind of preoccupations about a foreigner, but of course it’s not as relevant because I’m independent of the family now.

We started talkin’ about her coming to my home to visit in November, & it led into where we might end up living. Said she didn’t want to study in the States, just sit around the house or play sports, etc. She was jivin’ me but the part about not studying may have been serious – hope not.

I got into a useless conversation with a sister-in-law of Fabio’s back at the house. She’s clearly the boss of her family, and a fired up "evangelico" {evangelical Christian} trying to convert sinners. I never have found a polite way of telling folks like her I think it’s fine they believe what they do and are so happy & at peace with God, but they ain’t going to convert me, so why not stop trying! Guess I’ll always be a sucker for listening to fanatics!

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