Journal, January 4, 1976 PM

I feel like I’m marking an anniversary. I was in Managua, and under the influence when I started this journal, and here I am again.

<I said good-by to Sofia this morning.> She arrived at the house about eight, looking fresh and beautiful. I’ll probably remember her like that ‘til February or April, when I go back! I was about to take a family photo before leaving, so she got into it. I should have snuck in there too and let Jaime take it!

Luis took us to the bus station & we said good-by {some text not transcribed} We had two for the road and got on the bus. <I spent most of the morning hashing through schemes to make some money or get a good part-time job so I could go studying and marry Sofia right away.> Two years is a long time to wait for a pretty girl who knows how to make them drool! Actually the wait would make me more sure she isn’t going to change her mind when she gets a little broader perspective of the world, and gets to know me better. But I don’t want her to, after all!

I spent maybe fifteen minutes on the bus between Peñas Blancas {Costa Rica} & Managua {Nicaragua} trying to remember the name of a guy I knew well in college, Westley Radditz. Finally I told Jaime about it & we got talking about other stuff – I remembered it shortly thereafter. Scary how easy it is to forget!

We talked to a couple wanderers in Managua tonight. One was from California & New York, and the other from Manchester, England. Nice, interesting folks and very restless. Don’t know exactly what they hope to find, & are interested in everything so they keep traveling – the American is going into Peace Corps soon!

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