Journal, January 4, 1976 AM

We had a good day with the women folk yesterday, Jaime & I. We went bowling early in the morning, & bowled 3 games each. Doña Marita {Pilar’s Mom} was the star of the first game – also her first ever – bowling a 72 when I got a 74, & the girls really bombed out. Only Jaime broke 100, and it wasn’t a good game for him since he is a pretty serious bowler.

We had lunch at a good hamburger joint. <Sofia ate a whole quarter-pound hamburger, quite a feat for a chic that has to get shots to improve her appetite!> After that she still had room for an apple, bought in a central market for 2 for ¢6 (about 70¢ U.S.). Apples are expensive here; that’s one thing she’ll like about Wisconsin, lots of apples!

In the evening we checked out the San Antonio movie house. It was the first time for most of us. <Guillermo came along, and 3 of Sofia’s sisters & Luís, who drove.> It was an action film with fights & car chases, & a pimp-out on U.S. and Russian intelligence agents – a lot of laughs.

<So now Sofia says she wants to go back to Wisconsin one time only, & to stay, already married.> Great, but what do I do about supporting her while she’s learning English. No problem if I was ready to be a 9 to 5 working stiff, & let the mind vegetate. If I could swing a super part-time job it might work, but I’m going to study physics! I think she just wants to go back with Pilar – has the idea they can keep each other company, and thus make the transition easier. But she’ll have to get that out of her head sooner or later anyway because Neenah is a long way from Friendship, and even farther from Madison!

But she keeps tellin’ me she loves me (no prodding, honest!), and she is foxy!

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