Journal, July 6, 1976 AM

<I love Sofia.> On the way back from the {U.S.} Ambassador’s residence the 4th, she told me that she was really disgusted with a woman who had been sitting in front of us. She {the woman} was the type who always is trying to impress people with her culture. She tries to demonstrate how much better she is than her humbler fellow humans. She told a humble peasant woman who sat down beside her on the bus, “Vete, hay otros sientos vacantes {Go away, there are other available seats}. <Sofia heard her & hated her guts. Right on Sofia!>

<I drank 4 beers before I went up to see Sofia last evening.> She immediately noticed, & didn’t like it. I should only drink with her she said. I offered her a “menta GallĂ­to” {mint}. She laughed!

Jaime {Olson}, Donald & I went to Ojo de Agua for a swim yesterday morning. Fabulous, I felt so good, cold clean water & vigorous exercise. I invited the two of them to a beer afterwards. Rarely, rarely am I the first to buy a round!

Jaime & I went down to La Terminal {bar} in the afternoon to see if we could catch Neil Dingot. Jaime hopes for a job with his training center, possibly training the new El Salvador pastures & forages group in February. We only found cold beer there; Skip Baker showed up later! I may have committed the greatest cultural faux pas of my career. After 3+ beers I was in dire need of a place to relieve myself. The regular urinal was blocked off so I took a door that went out back which Jaime said he’d seen others going through presumably with the same intention. There was no john {bathroom} but I was out back & saw nobody around so I pissed under the eves. Skip surprised me in mid-stream & asked what I was doing, but didn’t seem overly upset. I went back in, & Jaime, without consulting me, headed for out back with the same mission in mind. He found no john and a woman on the porch of the house behind the bar. About face! What all she saw I don’t know.

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