Journal, July 1, 1976 AM

I got to see a little bit of Jaime’s {Olson} territory & meet a few of his “ganaderos” {cattle farmers} yesterday. It was fun riding around on the motorbike and being introduced to the various farmers. There was always lots of handshaking, lots of “mucho gusto” and “A la orden” {local greetings}. I was forever explaining what I do in Peace Corps and how I happen to be Jaime’s friend. I usually let Jaime explain most of it, but once in a while I was called upon for a few choice words. Jaime makes a good extensionist because he never hurries away from people. He’ll B.S. with them and end up making them feel their problem is genuinely important to him, & that he’s really concerned that they solve it. I would get too bored to keep up that front day in & day out, but Jaime seems to enjoy his work.

Diego {Cox} came by to get the bike in the evening. He’s gotten his wallet stolen; trusts the people too much. He left it in his room, left the room unlocked & someone got it. It’s nice to be trusting, but people don’t appreciate the value of a trusting soul here. The competition to get material things is too intense!

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