Journal, July 2, 1976 PM

In Managua {Nicaragua} where I began this diary last December. I’ve been at it over 6 months steady - hard to believe.

We hustled to catch a bus in San Miguel this morning, got to the border real early. We ate and had to wait ‘til almost noon for the Tica Bus to arrive.

I spotted a pottery shop I had never noticed at the border before, and bought a classic Honduran chicken clay pot for $1. <It’s a gift for Sofia’s mother, for the chicken she’s given us to eat on the road on our last two partings from Costa Rica.> I hope I can get it there unchipped.

We caught the bus & had some interesting chats with fellow travelers. Two Canadian university professors on a junket through Latin America had interviewed two Molina {Salvadoran President Arturo Armando Molina} aids & felt he was doing all that was “politically possible” for the people. A guy who has a sister in Peace Corps Nicaragua & plans to check out Peace Corps & possibly join. A Minnesota boy now from California who did a study of international volunteer programs, including Peace Corps, and now is on a 2 month “get your feet wet” trip with the Central American Mission. (He gave me Jesus literature.) A fellow Wisconsin boy who is between jobs & interests after working in radio & T.V. in the Virgin Islands. (He likes Peace Corps, may move out west, may go back to the Virgin Islands, has to decide soon . . .) A native Costa Rican who lives in Guatemala & went to highschool in Indiana. His folks have bread {money}; he is studying law to use it in business. He doesn’t like the idea of being a capitalist but would like to show people: “I have bread, cars, etc., but I work my ass off & love it, man!” <At 7 AM the bus leaves & I hope Sofia is planning to be at the airport.> It would sure hurt if she’s changed her mind. A shower & bed!

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