Journal, July 4, 1976 AM (Sunday)

Today is the 200th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence. I feel that I am missing something special by not being in the U.S., in Friendship Wisconsin, for today. The 4th is always a big day for the small town. Most of the celebration is on a community level, the parade, the chick-nic, fireworks.

Sartre says that people can never fit our expectations of them. Because they have existence they overflow our narrow & specific views of them on all sides. <That’s sure true of people in general here in San Antonio & doubly of Sofia.> The Campos family has baby goats; Doña Carmen has pullets {baby chickens}; <Sofia’s brother broke his ankle & is laid up in bed. And Sofia is fresh, busy, willing, cautious, content and worried all at once.> It’s just nice to be with her instead of off in El Salvador. There is really so little of importance you can communicate by mail. It’s so easy to miss the whole point. Here we can argue & both be adamant & know it’ll work out.

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