Journal, February 8, 1976 PM

My pea brain is apparently stuck on January; I looked back & found I had written January this morning too!

Today we got notified that we have to get out of the rancho {beach house} this week. The Doctor came yesterday, put new locks on the kitchen, bathroom and front gate, and left no key with the caretaker. He just told the caretaker’s wife some relatives were going to be staying there a while, starting Saturday. Pretty subtle, huh. I guess we’d just been taking too much advantage of a good thing. So now it’s over.

I’m going to San Salvador early in the morning to see about renting another beach house. Elena’s going too, so she’s going to introduce me to the owner. Elena came out to the conejera {rabbit hutches} special to see me today (she’s hustling me now!), and was being extra sweet and coy. <I showed her Sofia’s picture.> Maybe that will convince her I’m not playing games when I say, “Friends, no more.” After she left, Antonio called me over and said, “Le quiere mucho {She loves you}!” I said yeah, I knew, but one good novia {girlfriend} was all I really needed.

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