Journal, February 10, 1976 PM

After copying in this morning’s entry I am looking for something resembling the classic: "Off again, on again, gone again, Finnegan." I got "expreso {express}" cards off to Costa Rica, but haven’t started answering my other mail (which includes letters from Merna & Bruce worth their weight in gold for their rarity!). <I reread Sofia’s entirely English postcard and decided it didn’t really sound as simplistic as it had seemed to yesterday.> She uses the simplest of words (as I do in Spanish, I’m sure), but the message has some depth, I think. I’m paranoid about marrying a simpleton!

We’re playing wait & see on the housing situation. Don Tin thinks the lady from Santa Tecla is ripping us off at 25 colones apiece per month. It all depends on your perspective! A beach house for $10.00 per month wouldn’t sound bad in letters home, but it’s more than the installments Don Tin pays on his house! Jay has a lead on another place & Don Tin is looking into it too, so we’ll see.

<I have to take Jan to meet Sofia, even though I have mixed feelings about it.> I want her reaction, I’ve always found her a reliable “mirror” - helping me to see situations more clearly through her insights. <But then doubt creeps in & I wonder if she’ll understand that I don’t have to be doing fascinating things with Sofia to be enchanted by her.> Just being around her has seemed to be enough so far. <Also, because Jan will almost always be with me, I’ll almost never be alone with Sofia, bummer.> We may do more sightseeing too, to keep Jan entertained!

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