Journal, February 7, 1976 AM

I’m writing this in the San Salvador train depot. I’m going to Atiocoyo at 6:15. I got myself into one of those situations I’d like to kick myself in the butt for getting into last night. I went with Dave Quarles to check out rumors of an informal party at the hotel where the new {Peace Corps} trainees are staying. All we ran into at first was Gary Forrest & when the new people did show up they were headed for bed. So we wandered down to the Campana {restaurant/bar} & there ran into Tom Morgan, Rick English, and a trainee - Dave ______. They were looped & singing ranchero songs with the musicians & other drunken customers. I should’ve split then! We had a few beers & then Rick & Tom were up for going to a whorehouse! I wasn’t, but agreed to come along & have a beer with them there. Meanwhile the trainee disappeared.

We grabbed a taxi (I just got on the train.) & headed clear out past the airport. So all was relatively cool while Rick, Tom & Gary hustled chics, & Dave & I sat and B.S.’ed. The tension started when Tom came back & tried to get his money back from the cashier ‘cause the chic wouldn’t fuck. Looking back, it probably was a setup because she was the toughest lookin’ chic in the place - probably the cashier’s girl. I went up to the bar to try and help straighten things out. Tom’s masculinity had been insulted and he was lookin’ for someone to punch. Some well-heeled dude at the bar tossed out ¢100 and told the cashier to give Tom his money. So Tom went away momentarily satisfied (not realizing how he’d gotten the money) & I thanked the dude for avoiding a hassle. Then Rick came out & Tom started talkin’ about breakin’ some chairs - they were both far gone! Rick finally decided to leave (he had gotten laid!), but Tom picked up a bottle & headed for the bar. I got in front of him and tried to move him towards the door, but he threw the bottle down & when someone threw another down (seemingly as a counter threat) he was ready to break heads. I pushed him toward the door then, & had him just outside the door when the S.O.B. cashier snuck up and shoved us both off the porch & slammed the door with a cry of “cerdos!” {pigs}. Well, I was ready to punch him then, but there was no way they were going to open that door. Dave got left inside & eventually wandered out a side entrance. I’m still mad at that cashier! After I avoided a serious hassle, he pushes me from behind and calls me names (I paid the bar bill too). What a weasel!

Obviously I made it to the capital. I got my bus ticket & got all my other errands run. I ran into Diego {Cox}, Mary Ann’s brother & a friend. Diego says he’s going to Costa Rica with us the 20th. The other two are headed to Costa Rica today, they were in Guatemala City when the quake hit. They got through unscathed, but saw some badly injured folks, & a lot of destroyed buildings. Real nice guys. I should have gone drinkin’ with them!

<I’m still bein’ good Sofia!> None of the whores I saw in that joint looked very good to me. Mostly they are flabby, lazy individuals & so vain!

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