Journal, February 10, 1976 AM

I’m writing on the back of a telegram in Santa Tecla today. I came into town with Elena this morning (actually the morning before I wrote this originally on the telegram) to try & rent a beach house. We’ll rent it for now anyway, from the lady here in Santa Tecla that Ed Schiffer used to buy his milk from!

I decided to get my Nicaraguan visa while here and while I was running around doing that & other errands, they phoned a telegram from Jan over to the Peace Corps office. It just said: "Arriving 2/19 confirm via Friendship." So I stayed in town & called home last night to find out the particulars. Turns out she’s driving to Miami and then flying down - will arrive 6:30 PM. Mom also said things were finally warming up at home (40 degrees) and they had a heifer calf. I said “Hi” to Carla.

So the Costa Rica trip is postponed a few days at the least. We’ll try and talk Jan into going Monday or Tuesday of the next week. <I’ve got to get new letters off to Sofia and the Castillo Murillo family advising of plan changes.>

I got together with Jaime, Diego, Miguel, Ron & Nancy for a pizza last night. Nice B.S. session. We plan to set up a party for mid-September, before people start leaving. I still find my group the sanest, most down home folks I know in Peace Corps.

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