Images, May, 1975

Some of the hilly land near San Isidro, El Salvador where I work. The photo was taken from the highlands near El Transito.

{ Another photo taken out the bus window near El Transito. The valley between the hill in the foreground and the one in the background is the site of the Atiocoyo Irrigation Project. }

Looking out over the flat land of Hacienda San Juan – San Isidro where irrigation works will be constructed & operating within 5 years.

{ Cover of the flyer for the San Isidro Patron Saint Festival in 1975. }

Fiesta Patronal {Patron Saint Festival} in San Isidro, with rides, games of chance, goodies to eat & even a whore house.

The whore house in the Fiestas Patronales of San Isidro as seen from my room.

A horseman tries to spear a piece of cloth fastened on a rope using a pencil. it is a traditional contest to impress the ladies at patron saint festivals.

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