Images, August, 1975

A view of the beach at low tide, looking toward Acajutla {from in front of the beach house at Metalío}.

The beach house where Jay Hasheider & I lived part of our time in Metalío.

Sunset on the Pacific {at Metalío, El Salvador}

A haystack we made at El Maizal, featuring Jay Mathes, 3 CREFAC {a San Salvador community organization begun by a Peace Corps Volunteer} kids and 2 mozos {farm workers}.

Don Adán plowing with a wooden plow & oxen. We planted forage sorghum on this land. In the background 2 men are digging the trench silo in which the forage sorghum would eventually be stored.

Threshing rice using an oil barrel. Cheap labor makes it feasible, that and the lack of small, portable threshers at a reasonable price.

A worker & I digging a trench silo at El Maizal.

View of fields & buildings at El Maizal (school & demonstration farm for peasant farmers founded by the Episcopal Church). Behind the fence row is some upland rice. The second field has doubled-over corn with ajonjoli (sesame) planted between the rows.

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