Images, March, 1975

The party that climbed San Vicente volcano. Included are PCVs {Peace Corps Volunteers} Russel Soules, Dave Quarles and Stan Krenz, along with Dave's friends from Hacienda Teguaquin.

{ This photo was taken by Dave Quarles, so I'm included. }

Farmland, from top of volcano. The Pan Am highway winds through the ridge in the middle of the photo.

Sunset from on top of the volcano.

Dave Quarles on top of a T.V. aerial on top of the volcano. He was stationed in the San Vicente area as a Peace Corps Volunteer.

The other peak of twin topped "Chinchintepec". Chinchintepec means "two breasted hill" in the indian {native Central American} Najuatl language.

Entrance to Balneario Amapulapa near San Vicente. Easter week, 1975.

Big pool in El Balneario Amapulapa, San Vicente, El Salvador.

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