Images, July, 1975

Tacuba, El Salvador; Patti Peña & I in an old church ruin believed to have been destroyed by earthquake about 300 years ago.

Ismael Peña, his wife and daughter on one side of the ancient church in Tacuba, El Salvador.

Baptizing a young Catholic in Tacuba, El Salvador.

Ismael Peña, daughter, wife and their new God son at shrine near the church.

The proud parents of the child we went to Tacuba to help baptize in front of a shrine beside the church in Tacuba, El Salvador.

Don Chepe & the family he heads inside the church ruin in front of his house.

{ The mountain village of Tacuba was one of the centers of a revolt against the government of El Salvador in the 1930's. According to local people, every man and boy 12 years old and older living in the village at the time was slaughtered by government troops. }

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