Journal, January 23, 1976 PM

I got back to Metalío today, but never made it to El Maizal. After eating, I was headed for there, but met Jay on the road & went back to Metalío to rap while he ate. So by the time we finished at Don Tin’s, it was after 2 and we said fuck work & went to the “rancho” {beach house}. I took a swim & got back into "Fear and Loathing: On the Campaign Trail '72" by Hunter S. Thompson (which I started this morning on the bus out). Fascinating book!

About 5:00 Whit Lawrence, Gary Miller and Tom Morgan showed up in the Embassy Bronco. Officially, they came to check out the project at El Maizal, but mostly they were up for going swimming. After they hit the beach, along came two chics who knew Jay from Sonsonate, lookin’ for a place to change for swimming too, so it got to be quite a social afternoon!

We ended up going to Don Tin’s for a beer & ran into Profy {Gomez} there. So after all the niceties there, the guys and girls left & Profy gave us a ride back to the rancho {beach house}. As usual at night, he was up for talking so we discussed all kinds of stuff relative to El Maizal. He promised to get another barrel so we’ll have 2 from which to make feeders for the goats & oxen. Also, he’s starting to listen to my argument about not bringing cattle to El Maizal right away.

More importantly, they should start the new well at the rancho tomorrow, so maybe soon we’ll have wash water!

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