Journal, January 21, 1976 PM

<Jay just made my whole day, brought me a letter from Sofia.> She didn’t really say much except she loves me. She is so effusive about saying it, that a little voice in the back of my head still says, man you’ve got to be kidding, she’s got to be putting you on! <But it was a beautiful letter and the dominant train of thought in my mind is that Sofia is just a beautiful person, a little naïve, but all the more beautiful for it.> How did I get so lucky?

We tattooed rabbits with a passion today, only sparing expectant mothers & young children! Our system seems to be working.

I got the pedigrees and registration papers on the rabbits and goats from Profy {Gomez}, today. I will try to get blanks from the registry association to register our baby goats. I expect to tattoo their ears too for identification.

I left my backpack at Don Tin’s on the way home tonight & had to go back and get it. What a scatterbrain!

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